Why Your Website Visitors Don't Trust You

Jun 20, 2014 | Websites

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Have you ever been shopping in a store and had a clerk help you out, only to find out later that he had no idea what he was talking about? That kind of customer service can destroy the trust in a customer-business relationship, which is crucial to gaining repeat buyers and expanding your client base.

Since your website is an extension of your business, you shouldn’t allow any distrust there either. Misinformation on your website can be just as detrimental to customers’ trust, if not more so—because no one is there to give them the correct information.

Here are five items that can break your customers’ trust in your business:

1. Misspellings

In the age of spellcheck and the internet, I cannot believe this is even a problem. But it is, so it needs to be addressed. Please spell your words correctly. If you are unsure of how to spell a word, ask someone you trust, consult the internet, or even use a physical dictionary (if you don’t own one, I’m sure the nearest Goodwill has plenty in stock).

2. Broken Links

It’s a real bummer when you go to click on a link of a baby polar bear learning to walk, and it doesn’t work. How will you get your daily fix of cute? All joking aside, it is quite annoying when a link does not work. Make sure all your links actually go through to the other sites, especially when citing a source. This builds readers’ trust because they are able to go to the exact spot where you found the data and see it for themselves. This brings me to my next point.

3. Misquotes

Do not misquote other people, especially when you link to the source. If you write an article about a GDP growth rate of 18% and link to a site where it says 1.8%, your readers will lose faith in you. These are pretty easy to fix because the information is sitting right in front of you. Reread your article—and the site you got the information from—just to make sure everything checks out.

4. Outdated Information

Remember to keep all of your information on your hours, special events, and store closings up to date on your site. No one wants to go online, read that your store is open until 8:00, and then drive there only to find that you closed early because of this or that.

5. Design Mistakes

There are a few errors that people often make when designing their websites, which I wrote about here, so I won’t go into great detail in this article. But I will say a couple things. First, don’t use light text on a dark background because it is difficult to read. Second, make sure the design of the site is the same throughout. You don’t want it looking as though you’ve left your main site just by clicking the “Contact Us” page.

Remember: The best way to gain customers’ loyalty is to have a good relationship with them. The best way to a good relationship is through building trust. By staying away from these pitfalls, you will form a better relationship with your customers online, which will grow customer loyalty and, in turn, expand your reach as a business.

Do you have any other ways to help build trust with your customers? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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