“We’ve Always Done it This Way” Just Doesn’t Work

Feb 2, 2016 | Advertising, Brand, Business, Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Social Media, Technology, Traditional Marketing

Get ready for the understatement of the decade: Technology is changing the world.

This should not surprise anyone. Yet, we sometimes fail to realize just how radical these changes have been. It’s beneficial to step back and remind ourselves that technology has ushered in a different world. To remain relevant, businesses must keep up with the trends and consumer cultures emerging from these changes.

Smartphones did not exist 10 years ago. If Google—that ubiquitous company that powers our search, email, and the estimated 1.4 billion worldwide Android devices—were a person, it could not yet vote. In 10 short years, social media has replaced the traditional news outlets as a much faster, richer, and more personable information source, often breaking news hours before traditional media can catch up. Amazon has replaced brick-and-mortar stores as the go-to shopping experience for millions by harnessing the power of a customizable, 24/7 digital marketplace. Amazon examines past purchases, “learning” what consumers want, making suggestions, and offering items conveniently, sometimes even using satellite-operated, air-based drones to deliver purchases to your home in 30 minutes or less. These feats would have been unfathomable even a decade ago, yet here we are. What does this mean for businesses and consumers?

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There is a common trend with these and other technological examples. In short, “personalization” has become the business model of the decade, made possible through a myriad of tech innovations. Speaking specifically to an individual’s needs and desires has been the great marketing accomplishment of this century, and will only become more important as digital devices integrate into our everyday lives. In response, consumers are learning to expect such personalization in all avenues of consumerism.

Gone are the days of businesses sending mass mailings addressed to “current resident.” Such an impersonal mailing is now perceived as a slight. Today’s consumers display a high degree of skepticism toward gimmicks. Consequently, businesses that rely on these methods will see sales slump as modern consumers to turn to organizations that can deliver a richer, more personable sales experience.

Before you feel overwhelmed by this shift away from traditional business practices, realize that the expectation of a personalized consumer experience has occurred alongside a rapid improvement in consumer information availability. Detailed understanding about potential buyers in your area is readily available. Would you like to send a sales flyer to married women between 30 and 35 years of age who have three kids and a dog, drive a Ford minivan, live within 10 miles of your business, have a household income of at least $50,000, and have purchased dog food online within the last two weeks? No problem. There are tools to help businesses deliver a customized experience to match consumers’ high expectations.

Still feeling overwhelmed? You aren’t alone. Now is the time to turn to a professional marketing partner like 212 Media Studios. We have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate this highly personalized world. We can help you understand your current and potential market segments and craft the perfect message for each of your audiences. Give us a call. Let us help you firmly establish your relevance in this fast-paced, ever-changing business climate.

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