What is Interruptive Marketing?

Sep 21, 2013 | Brand, Content Generation, Inbound Marketing, Traditional Marketing

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Let me tell you a story. But before I tell you my story, please hear this word from our sponsor. How often are you in the middle of something when you are interrupted by an advertisement for a product you may not be interested in? Whether you are checking your social media pages, visiting a website, watching a video online, picking up the mail from your mailbox, driving down the road, or even watching TV, you are probably getting bombarded by some form of interruptive marketing.

Interruptive marketing is any kind of marketing that gets in the way of what the consumer is trying to accomplish. Billboards, TV commercials, and online advertisements are all examples of interruptive marketing. These methods of traditional marketing interrupt experiences, and consumers are no longer putting up with them. That definition and list of interruptive marketing practices may lead you to ask, “What kind of marketing isn’t interruptive?”

I know this thought may seem like a stretch, but what if businesses were able to create marketing that consumers actually wanted ? That’s right, marketing that people choose to see. How is that possible? Valuable and relevant content. Individual consumers have individual interests, and because of that you have an ideal consumer profile for your product or service. If your business creates content that will pique your buyer persona’s interest, you have created a marketing piece that your target audience will choose to view.

When you create content that your target audience is interested in, you are accomplishing several things:

  • Increasing your own brand awareness in your target market by creating content about your industry
  • Educating your target market about your industry and differentiating yourself from the competition with your original content
  • Building trust with a potential customer by creating a connection with them through your product or service
  • Establishing your company as the “go-to” for information regarding anything in your industry, which creates trust with consumers.

With these benefits of non-interruptive marketing, it’s hard to image why a company would not choose to start creating content that will attract their customer personas. Stop wasting time and money putting out interruptive ads that are only annoying your consumers, hurting your brand, and driving potential customers away. There are a number of reasons why your current marketing efforts aren’t doing what you want them to, and unless you stop interrupting your target market, that isn’t going to change. Create some original content your audience will be interested in, and grab their attention that way instead of by interrupting.

If you don’t stop interrupting your audience, expect them to ignore you. Give them something they want, not something they want to skip.

Paul Kent
Community Manager

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