Why Free Website Builders Aren't for You

Sep 6, 2013 | Web Development

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As a web developer, I’ve created sites from the ground up. Many times, I’ve looked into the free website builders as a way to save time. Each time I’ve used a free website builder, I’ve gotten frustrated and scrapped the free builder altogether. Why? I’ll tell you in this article—as we take a look at five reasons to not use them.

1. Lack of Artistry in the Design

First impressions are everything. Your website should project professionalism above all else. Like a cheap suit, free website templates can be easily spotted by today’s tech-savvy consumers. The impression visitors get from a “cheap suit” website may inaccurately portray your organization. Free website builders offer an array of templates created as a one-size-fits-all solution, meant to meet thousands of unique needs. But these templates don’t offer a distinct way to reflect your business’ personality. Free website builders categorize the themes by color, layout, and/or purpose, making it seem like many options are available. In reality, they’re all based on the same templates.

2. Required Advertisements

Nothing is ever free. When considering a free website builder, ask the question, “How is this free?” Many of these services use advertisement space to pay for the free sites. These advertisements are built into your website through the template, which is why they are restrictive in design. This may not seem problematic—until your church’s website is unknowingly advertising inappropriate content, which would definitely send the wrong message. This alone could contribute to a bad reputation among your specific audience and damage your business.

3. Limited Features

Know the value of a strong website and its features. If your site doesn’t offer the creative and helpful features your competitor’s does, visitors may bypass you altogether. Most of the free builders do not offer message boards, chat rooms, and merchant services as part of the free package. In short, the free website builder is a hook to attract customers to purchase their paid services.

4. Poor SEO

Do you want your audience to find your website? If so, a free site builder isn’t the answer. Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a priority for free website builders. Free website builders often include their own SEO metrics to get their own hosting site content in more locations. This optimizes their website, not yours.

5. Complicated Domains

Your site URL is very important. Most free builders use one domain name for all sites, and then attach a specific name to it for each site. This means you’ll have a complicated or vague URL. It might be hard to remember or include random letters (e.g. http://www.free-builder/your-site-name). As you can see, this is not a good first impression.

If your website needs an update or a new start, the professionals at 212 Media Studios are happy to help. We’ll work hard to give your site the strong web presence it deserves.

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Back-End Developer
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