Why Holiday Pricing is Important for Small Businesses

Dec 21, 2013 | Advertising, Holiday, Marketing, Sales

Money in Christmas boot

Everybody loves a good holiday deal. Paying significantly less for something you’ve had your eyes on for a while creates a feeling of satisfaction when you finally make the purchase. The end-of-year holidays provide a great opportunity for consumers to enjoy discounts on items for themselves and their loved ones. These deals seem to be a “gift” to the consumer, but are far from hurting the retailers offering them. Much can be gained from providing special holiday pricing at your retail business.

Nothing drives foot traffic like a good old-fashioned sale. When people see a sale, they flock to it, even if they normally wouldn’t visit that store. For even one great deal, they are willing to make the trip. This fact alone should be enough to convince any retailer, no matter how small, to offer some kind of special pricing. Increased foot traffic will almost always result in a notable surge in sales for small businesses. Offering a holiday special is a must for any retailer—because if you don’t, your competition will.

Another reason to hold a holiday special is to associate your company with good deals. When people show up to your store for a bargain, they mentally link that deal to your brand. They will remember that time they went to your shop and got a great offer. This creates a lot of repeat business, which small companies thrive on. This is another reason holiday pricing is must, since it develops repeat business.

As a smaller company, it’s crucial to take advantage of the holiday season and the revenue opportunities the season presents. Come up with a memorable offer, and promote it in your community. This is a great time of year for both businesses and consumers, so make the most of it.

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