Why Live Video is So Powerful

May 8, 2019 | 212 Articles, Creativity, Digital, Live Blog, Multimedia, Technology, Video

In April of 2016, more than three-quarters of a million people gathered around their electronic devices to live-view BuzzFeed employees using rubber bands to make a watermelon explode. What does this say about the power of the internet?

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Dunkin’ Donuts knew that when it broadcast a live tour of its facilities in February 2016, interviewing staff experts to discuss some of the brand’s most popular and eye-catching products, such as the iced macchiato. Chevrolet was in on the secret, too, creating a buying frenzy for the launch of its all-electric 2017 Bolt EV by streaming video from the consumer electronics trade show, CES 2016, on Facebook Live.

We’ve known for some time that videos are an essential marketing tool, with research showing that 80% of readers find it more convenient to watch videos, rather than reading long articles and blogs. While creating quality blog content is still central, video has become more important today. Skilled marketing teams have taken this influential tool to the next level, recognizing the power of “streaming” video.

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The tool that has made video one of the ideal channels for brand development is the smartphone. Whether showing product reviews, demos, or launches—or running Q&A sessions or B2B webinars—live videos have increasingly become a fundamental part of business marketing strategies. Any company that embraces live video will stand out from the competition, creating a more tangible corporate face and soul.

Why Live Video?
The reason for the effectiveness of live (sometimes called OTT or “over the top”) video as a marketing tool is simple: It delivers content in a way that goes above and beyond traditional distribution channels such as TV and film. Tired of generic, impersonal marketing, today’s consumers crave the kind of connection and engagement that live video can offer. Audiences on social platforms will watch live videos an average of three times longer than other video. Live video is currently the most talked-about tool among social media marketers, with small businesses to large corporations following the trend with huge success.

In fact, when we consider that live videos can be excerpted or re-watched later via various platforms, livestream video has the capability of being the basis for entire advertising campaigns.

The number of viewers in the US will surpass 230 million by the year 2021, with spending on digital video advertising estimated to be as high as $14.38 billion in 2019. With such a big investment on the line, companies must learn to utilize live video streaming to their full advantage.





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