You've Got Mail! No, really

Aug 18, 2014 | E-mail, Traditional Marketing

A few weeks ago I saw this meme on Pinterest, and it immediately resonated with me:

Email meme


I’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the line, snail mail became more personable than email. Sure, email is quick, relevant, and efficient. It always will be. But don’t write off the power of a handwritten note just yet. It can play an important role in customer service—and even marketing.

Show your clients they’re valuable to you. They don’t want to be viewed as numbers. This is especially important for small and medium businesses. Products and services matter, but relationships can make or break a sales opportunity.

Here are a few ways you could incorporate personal touches into the modern business world:

Send birthday cards.

A ministry I worked for would print a large batch of cards each month and pass them around to be signed during a staff meeting. It’s not as time-intensive as you may think! If your client base is massive, segment it into your most loyal or frequent customers.

Acknowledge and apologize.

If you mess up an order, write an apology note and include a special coupon. It won’t break your bank, and it may be just enough care to retain a consumer.

Express your sympathy.

When tragedy strikes, and the occasion present itself, show your human side before getting down to business. My husband works at an insurance agency, and part of his job is to read obituaries. Sounds gloomy, but his boss wants to be sensitive to clients’ situations and express their concern before having to talk about policy changes.

Never forget the power of a thank-you note.

Handwritten thank-yous aren’t just limited to graduates and newlyweds. You don’t have to receive a gift to say thanks to a client or business associate. If your handyman stays an hour past dinner just to fix your break room sink, why not send a note?

Instead of viewing this as added work, think of it as a new facet of your marketing strategy. It will boost your customer service and give your brand a friendlier image.

What does your company do to show a personal touch?

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